Family Law

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The Ukraininan Family Law litigation lawyers specialize in divorce proceedings and property division. We offer a practical, responsive, and dedicated approach to the resolution of divorce proceedings, child custody disputes, paternity actions, among other cases. Our practice is characterized by complex litigation involving valuation of assets, tax analysis and multi-jurisdictional issues.

Our attorneys are creative in their negotiations and settlement approach. We provide our clients with a legal framework and attempt to resolve their disputes through negotiation. If requested, we also guide clients through the mediation process with the help of our lawyers to amicably resolve their disputes. When such efforts fail and litigation cannot be avoided, our experience and ability to handle the most sophisticated litigation matters enables us to successfully protect our clients’ rights and assets in Ukraine.

In our litigation practice, we always work closely with our clients to define their goals so that we can achieve them in an efficient and practical manner. If you require legal advice or simply wish to discuss your circumstances, please contact us anytime.